The Skinny Beet


The Skinny Beet is the collaboration of two chefs who also happen to be a couple. Chudy loosely translates to “Skinny”, and Barszcz translates to “Beet Soup”, hence The Skinny Beet.

We live together, we work together and we cook together, and The Skinny Beet is part food blog and part business. We cook for local families, cater weddings and prepare fantastic meals for dinner parties all over town. We firmly believe great food can be made anytime, no matter the size of your kitchen. Sometimes there are too many cooks in the kitchen, but we find that most of the time; two chefs are better than one. 

Our cooking philosophy is simple: we believe that food is something that should bring people together. It should excite and surprise, while nourishing you and your loved ones. We love the challenge of cooking food from all different stretches of the globe and we like each meal to be a unique experience. Our approach to cooking is to take classic dishes and give them a seasonal twist of something extra special. Because each of our menus is catered to you and your tastes, ensuring that you’re getting the food that you enjoy the most, we provide a complimentary consultation where we sit down with you in your home and discuss you’re likes and dislikes.

We offer our clients a variety of services including:

  • Personal Chef Services
  • In-Home cooking lessons
  • Catering
  • Pantry Organization/Grocery Shopping/Food Prep
  • Recipe Development/Photography