We cook the way we like to eat, with lots of bold flavors inspired by global influences. We cook nutritionally thoughtful meals that combine an abundance of fresh vegetables and fruits as well as wholesome grains and proteins. We love cooking anything from your classic homestyle lasagna all the way to an elegant multi-course meal and everything in between. Our food is meant to excite and interest, without straying too far from the comfort zone. We get the inspiration for our dishes from our travels both domestically and abroad and we spend a lot of time perfecting our craft and developing all of our recipes and dishes that are entirely customizable. We source all of our quality ingredients the day that we cook - meaning that the meals we prepare are the freshest. For specific examples of what our personal chef clients are currently loving, please visit our "what's on the menu" page. We change this regularly so be sure to keep checking!

We provide personal chef services to families and individuals of all ages as well as those that have strong preferences (and/or especially picky children) and we also have years of experience working with various dietary restrictions and allergies. 


We provide personal chef services, catered events and even weddings of all sizes. To learn more about us, please visit our website at www.TheSkinnyBeet.com.