It's certainly been a while, well over two years (!!), since I've taken a seat, opened my laptop and started typing on my blog, The Small Boston Kitchen. And I'm back. Maybe? I think. Well, let me explain. 

I've missed writing for myself in a public way and just writing that makes me realize what a weird world we are living in where one can miss writing publicly. But that's the truth. I miss the creativity of it and the interaction with friends and strangers alike and cozying in to my humble little corner of the internet that I've left vacant. 

Since I last wrote, a lot has changed just as much as nothing at all has. Richard and I are still living out our passion through ownership of our personal chef and catering company, The Skinny Beet. We've grown a lot in so many ways as business owners, home chefs, and people and I want to share that continued journey with whomever is interested in reading about it. Which brings me to my next point - what I want from this site. I'm not interested at all in the typical food blog structure anymore - a short story and some dreamy photos accompanied by a recipe. That was all fine and good for me but that's not where my heart is. Not to say that I don't ever want to share recipes or the process of developing those recipes but I want to give more. I want to talk about what it's like to be a woman in this business world, as I see it. I want to talk about the books that I'm reading, those that have inspired, and things that I find particularly fascinating or helpful to me and maybe you might find it equally of interest to wherever you are in your life. I may even want to talk about politics and what is happening on a national and global scale and how that relates to my small business. I want to roll up my sleeves and get in there, so to speak. 

I started this blog in December of 2009 with a simple gnocchi recipe that I created one night after my office job in my tiny studio apartment in Brookline and I wanted the blog to be a catalogue of sorts on my journey through food discovery. Over the years, the blog took shape and then fizzled out because it started to feel, well, like homework. It felt like a business in and of itself and I was focusing so intently on growing The Skinny Beet. So I stopped. Or hit pause, I suppose. But I miss the creative freedom that this gives me; that outlet. That voice that I've worked so many years to curate and am still in the process of discovering and honing. I had been thinking about this for a while now and what held me back was trying to make a clear picture of what I want this all to look like and I struggled until I decided to just take that leap back into it. Right now it's a fuzzy image that I'm looking to just be organic in movement and growth and see what develops from there. 

So with two feet, I'm jumping back in. With what regularity I can't be certain, with what photos and formate, I can't be sure, but all I can say is it feels good to be back and I'm looking forward to more.