Cheers to 2015!

Here's to the first week of 2015!

I hope the start of the new year has been an enjoyable one for you. We ended up working a little more than we had planned to, which isn't a complaint, but it just meant that we had to work a little harder to squeeze in our fun and relaxing time. But we did it, had an amazing holiday, worked, relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed our New Year. In all of the craziness of the past couple of weeks, I felt an incredible sense of balance that I'm going to try to keep throughout the year. It's hard to believe that the Skinny Beet turns four (!!) this year and now I feel like I can finally start gaining back a little balance that seemed to be lost with throwing every ounce of energy into starting up a business. It's so hard to believe that I left my corporate job four years ago this week to start culinary school. It's been hard, I've cried, stressed and worked so hard I didn't think I could go any harder. With that, too, I've enjoyed every single second of it and feel so, so, so lucky that I have my passion to cry, stress, and work like crazy for. 

Anyways, I always think of all of that at the start of the New Year and for this year, I'm planning to work harder than ever (I don't think that ever stops?) but also strive to make time for myself. Whether it be to read, do yoga or to just go for a walk. We've also planned a vacation for early spring. Aside from our honeymoon, we really haven't taken a big vacation that lasts longer than a long weekend in a while and we think it's about time, especially before both of our cookbooks come out early this summer. We're going to be traveling through London, Brussels, Amsterdam, Paris and Lyon. It's an ambitious itinerary but we're ambitious people and want to cover a lot of ground. We're looking very forward to that. If you've been to any of those cities and have some suggestions, leave 'em below. I'd love to hear from you. 

Lastly, and since I'm on the subject of culinary school and relaxing more, one of my friends that I went to school with, Jess, has started her own company, Nourish Your Craft. If you own a small food business, give her a shout. She's a wiz at helping food businesses get up and running and she advises them on business strategy and development as well as helps navigate the world of social media. She has worked with several local companies and introduced me to one in particular, Far From The Tree, a husband and wife team who spent time in Europe learning how to make hard cider (and wine) before bringing their craft to Salem, Massachusetts. They have a couple of tasting events coming up in the future, check them out and pop in and say hi. 

Until next time, cheers!