Non-Traditional and Traditional Superbowl Snack Ideas

I've been warned that this year's Superbowl eatings will revolve around buffalo sauce. Lots and lots of buffalo sauce. I can't disagree with that, I'm all for it. You could say we have a healthy obsession with buffalo sauce in our house. But for those are looking to snack heavily but not necessarily on traditional chilies, nachos and the like, here are some of my posts that fit the bill. 

Mole Spiced Cauliflower with Tomatillo Sauce 

Yes, this one is from the cookbook, which is hitting shelves in about four months! It's spicy, tangy and easy to make ahead of time and assemble right before you want to eat. Or, they could totally be made in advance and stuck in the oven or on a panini press until the bread is crackly and the cheese melts. It's got all of the components of a traditional Superbowl chili but a little leaner and a fun new take on it. 

Warm Bacon Cheeseburger Dip

A little more Super Bowl classic, this dip is essentially like a liquid cheeseburger. Okay, that doesn't sound that appetizing but trust me, it's good stuff. Perfect for dunking bread in. I prefer to use a sesame bread but any one is fine. Vegetables for dipping also work too. 

Red Chili Fideos 

Again with the spicy flavors that seem to pair so well with a cold beer and a game. Perfect to make a fideos bar, just like you would chili bar with cheese, scallions, etc. They are also great with protein like chicken, beef or pork mixed in too. Not a classic Super Bowl dish but makes complete sense. 


The perfect Superbowl snack - homemade dumplings! I made these this past fall and loved them. These were stuffed with apples and sharp cheddar cheese but they could literally be stuffed with any vegetable or meat. Like buffalo chicken or steak and cheese. 

Fresh Asiago Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms 

Stuffed mushrooms are a great make ahead. These are stuffed with fresh Asiago cheese and caramelized onions so it sort of tastes like French Onion Soup, but in mushroom form. If you don't have access to fresh Asiago cheese, any cheese would be fine to substitute. 

Homemade Crackers

Chickpea Crackers-6.jpg

I made these crackers just a couple weeks ago and to be honest, I've made them several times since. They are totally interchangeable and open to different flavor combinations. In one of my favorite versions that I made, I added chopped olives to the dough, which made for a great combination. 

Also, Richard and I had done some work for Food Republic last year and I wanted to share some of those recipes as well since they're perfect for big game watching..

Reuben Arancini 

For those that find themselves trying to decide between a reuben sandwich and arancini, this will help. These were awesome...cheesy, briney, and crispy. Just make a ton because they go fast!

Cheeseburger Popcorn

What more is there to say? It's cheeseburger flavored popcorn. It's amazing and embarrassingly easy to throw together. 

Loaded Sweet Potato Tots

These babies are made with a Spanish twist - olives, almonds and smoked paprika make this a memorable dish. There's a lot of flexibility here too, feel free to go with a different flavor profile all together and swap out the olives, almonds and smoked paprika for crisped bacon, jalepeno peppers, and cheddar cheese, for example. 

Pretzel Bread "Poutine" 

A loose interpretation of a classic Canadian dish, this recipe combines toasted and sliced pretzel bread, a mustard gravy and cheese curds. Or, of course, you could make baked french fries for a more authentic take.

Whatever you decide to go with, have fun! And, go Patriot's!