Mango Vegetable Torta {Recipe}

I was asked to create a recipe for tight on money and time college students for Fresh off of writing my first cookbook, I couldn't think of a better recipe to create than a sandwich. So here we are. 

This sandwich has been on our short list of favorites recently because it's so easy to throw together, it's satisfying and we usually have most of these ingredients on hand at all times. It's also so easy to pack up and eat while we're on the go. It's a simple combination of refried beans, tomatoes (which are oh so good right now...), cucumbers, sliced mangos, pickled jalapeño peppers and strands of cilantro. All these ingredients are then sandwiched in between a sub roll, I like Iggy's sub rolls best, and then we're good to go. Easy peasy. 

While we're on the subject of sandwiches, this seems like a good time to give a little update on my book. A couple months back I sent the entire manuscript and all photos into my publisher. They've reviewed it, edited it and now I'm going through the edits. There still are times where I find it hard to believe that this giant word document is going to be made into a book in the next couple of months. But then there are other times, like when they add the front matter, you know, the publisher's info, copyright, and all that other legal stuff. That's when it's back to reality that this is going to be a physical, actual book that I will be able to hold next year! I still can't wrap my brain around that. 

Mango Vegetable Torta

This sandwich is modeled after the Mexican Torta, combining a healthy mixture of vegetables and fruit that once sliced, this sandwich pulls together in minutes. Refried beans dressed up with lime zest make this a satisfying choice. Jalapeños give this sandwich a kick while mango, cucumbers and cilantro cool things down. 

1/2 cup refried beans 

The zest of one lime 

4 sub rolls

1 medium sized tomato, sliced thinly

1 medium sized cucumber, sliced thinly

1 mango, sliced thinly

1 small jar pickled jalapeños 

Fresh Cilantro (optional)

In a small bowl, combine the refried beans with the lime zest. Lay out the sub rolls and spread the refried bean mixture on the bottom half of the sub roll. Layer the tomatoes, cucumbers, and mango slices on top of the refried bean spread. Top with pickled jalapeños and fresh cilantro. Top each with other piece of sub roll. Alternatively, the bread can be toasted lightly.