Weddings and Burgers

Last night I got to carve out a bit of time to take a break from wedding planning and do what I've always loved most, just cook. The Beatles were blasting in the background and our kitchen was so humid and hot from having the stove on but it didn't matter. I was able to tune everything else out and just focus on the task at hand - making a burger. Sounds easy enough but this wasn't just any old burger I was making. 

"Before we get married," said Burger Boy, "I'd like you to make me a burger". It's true, in all of our time together, I've never once made him a burger and I can't blame a guy for wanting to see what he's signing up for before we get married next week (!!). So I took my responsibilities seriously and selected a blend of different cuts to grind myself. I also made the bun myself, attempting a homemade Portuguese bun. Pillowy, yet just substantial enough to hold up from first bite to last, it worked beautifully. I also made a homemade ketchup that was designed to accentuate the burger and be a cross between a ketchup and steak sauce. Cabot Clothbound, intensely rich in cheddar flavor yet still melts well, was my cheese of choice. Crisped Panchetta "Chips" gave an extra bit of saltiness as well as some texture and I, as well as my burger loving companion, was very pleased with the results. Looks like I passed the test and there will be a wedding after all!

It's so very hard for me to believe that in just a couple of days time, I will be a Mrs. I've thought of this day my whole life and it's hard to wrap my head around the fact that this day is right within my reach. Within the next couple of days various family and friends from out of town will be arriving and that will be next phase of making this whirlwind of an experience all the more real. I really can't wait! Once we're married, we are off to Italy and we plan to do nothing but eat, drink and relax (and maybe visit a cultural landmark or two..). We need to unwind and just celebrate the start of our life together. 

To address one last important thing, to be fair, in exchange for making him a burger, he's making me an ultimate pizza tonight. I'm an absolute sucker for a great pie and as I type this, he's hard at work making me the pizza of my dreams. I can't help wondering what toppings he'll put on it. I just hope there's lots of cheese involved :) but pressure's on and tonight he's in the hot seat! And on that note, I temporarily bid you adios. Back to working out some final details. Next time I write my wedding will just be a memory and I'll be a Mrs. who has been to Italy and can't wait to tell you all about it!